Recruitment agency branding website detail

Tech recruitment agency branding

Creation of a warmer, more human side of recruitment branding.

Difference Digital is a startup recruitment agency for the technology sector. They have a mission to bring more diversity to that industry. 

compoundEye was tasked with defining their branding and creating a more engaging web presence.

Designing a warmer recruitment brand

The only existing design element was a logo, from which we needed to expand into a larger brand — a very similar situation to their sister organisation, DINT

The first consideration was how to build on what makes Difference Digital unique. Its core values of tech and diversity was an interesting combination. On the one hand, tech-related design can feel clinical and cold, whereas people and diversity bring more warmth and life. This brand needed to be a blend of these moods.

The primary design element is people — we created a library of stylised portraits which feature a spectrum of personalities of different ages, sexes and ethnicities.

A colour palette was created that would balance that mood of warm and cool, and we established a set of typefaces to help define the brand.

Recruitment agency branding logo
The starting point was an existing logo.
Recruitment agency branding swatch
We adapated the logo into a larger swatch.
Recruitment agency branding typography
A set of brand fonts was defined.
Recruitment agency branding photography direction
A stylized portrait library represents Difference Digital’s focus on people and diversity.

Focusing content

Part of our role was helping to simplify the content.

The client provided a large amount of text and had several aspects to their business that needed to be communicated on the landing page, so we helped them establish a hierarchy of content.

We started this by creating a wireframe for the page. This helped the client clarify their messages to their audience. We collaborated on headline ideas and making the information as digestible as possible.

The resulting site design is an expression of their values, their human centredness and their goal to make a difference to the sector.

The completed landing page built on a responsive content management system.

Visit Difference Digital.

Recruitment agency branding UX wireframe
Site wireframe developed with the client to clarify messages and services.