Heroes in Hard Hats logo

Heroes in Hard Hats is a charity helping former military service people get into employment in the construction industry. Re-entering civilian life has its challenges for some individuals, so HHH assists in making some of that change easier.

We were tasked with creating a new logo for the organisation as they began to raise awareness among both service leavers and potential employers.

Design inspiration

Our logo design took its cues from a few sources. We wanted a shape which had a sense of dignity and strength to reference the individual’s past achievements, so we looked at the shapes and styles of honorary military medals. The star shape carried a sense of optimism and was visually memorable.

Heroes in Hard Hats diagram

Next, we wanted something which referenced the construction industry. Using a polygon from the end of a bolt felt both subtle and complimentary when placed within the star shape. And the elongated H in the centre is a steel I-beam turned on its side.

Finally, the client had some existing colour branding in dark greens and browns, to reference camouflage, so we used that for our mark’s colour scheme as well.

The resulting logo is a unique mark, built for the individual who has proudly served their country and is now moving into a new phase of their working lives.

Heroes in Hard Hats logo on the website