Haçienda: How Not to Run a Club

Haçienda: How Not to Run a Club is a memoir by Peter Hook, the legendary bassist from Joy Division and New Order. The book chronicles the rise and fall of the famous Haçienda club in Manchester and all the people, creativity, music, drugs, alcohol and cock-ups inbetween and since.

Hacienda Deluxe edition
Deluxe Edition set

We worked with the incredibly talented designer Andy Vella — being big fans of his work for the Cure — on this book. He created some incredible packaging, while we did the interior design, to create a truly special package for the reader.

The signature edition features the book in a square format which is reminiscent of a vinyl record. The cover has a minimal binding design with the name and trademark chevrons embossed in yellow. This design interacts with the  yellow plexiglass slipcase so, once the package is assembled, the nickname ‘Haç’ pops out. Also included is a mounted piece of the actual Hacienda dancefloor, in all its grubby glory.

Deluxe edition book cover
Deluxe Edition cover

The deluxe edition houses the book in a hinged maple box – a reference to the dancefloor, which was made of the same material. Inside is the book along with a 10” record of new tracks by Hook recorded exclusively for this version, a mounted piece of the dancefloor and a piece of the bar top.

The ultimate edition contains the same elements as the deluxe edition as well as a bass guitar with the yellow/black chevron motif and made from wood of the dancefloor.

The design takes visual cues from the legendary club and Factory Records in a direction which is both new but still feels related to the Factory/Haçienda visual history. Rather than being a stoic reflection on the past, our design uses the Haçienda’s chevron motif in very visual ways: colourful, jagged, remixed, layered and distorted. This is to reflect the energy, ecstasy, humour, disappointments, chaos and triumphs which made up the club’s history.

These new editions contain additional text from Hook, images of rare club flyers, membership cards, newsletters and unique visuals from club architect Ben Kelly. The book was produced for Foruli Editions.

Signature edition set
Signature Edition