Diversity organisation branding design and website

Diversity organisation branding and website

A colourful brand which makes people the centre of the design.

As the name implies, Diversity and Inclusion in Tech, known as DINT, is an activist organisation focused on improving diversity in the tech industry.

What came before

DINT had no clear visual identity or online presence — only a logo. All their articles, events and information were scattered across several sites, each with their own aesthetic that fractured things further and made the user experience more confusing.

They were previously promoting their events by using imagery from their virtual meeting platform — these were computerized figures sitting in a virtual conference space. That put more attention on the style of the meeting software instead of something unique to DINT.

Diversity organisation rebrand — previous imagery
DINT was previously using a mix of stock, real snapshots and computer-generated imagery — all of which felt unrelated and focused too much on the style of the virtual meeting software.
Diversity organisation rebrand. Previous typography samples.
Typographically, there was no clear visual style since the organisation’s content was spread across several different websites, each with their own style.

Our solution

Our branding solution was to focus on the diverse range of speakers taking part at these events. By creating hero images based around a particular speaker, the events themselves become more distinct and drive home the central values of DINT: people and diversity.

We created a suite of amorphous shapes which act as holding frames for speaker photographs. The variety of shapes and bright colours also feed into a notion of diversity, and by straddling a line between geometric and organic, they tie together DINT’s tech and human values. 

Their existing logo was used to create a colour palette.

Speaker hero images

Simplifying content

DINT’s content was spread across several different websites which resulted in a confusing, disconnected user experience. We worked with them to consolidate an overview of content on a single site.

Diversity organisation site user experience diagram
Before and after: simplifing and consolidating site content.
Diversity organisation site user experience diagram
Site UX wireframe, ensuring all content was included.
Website detail

The new site brings together blog entries, event information, a lively Slack feed, a resource area for relevant organisations and references. 

The brand uses intentionally contrasting, almost clashing, modern and classical typography within a headline to represent the sense of a diversity of voices coming together. Their supporting email campaigns use a suite of specially-designed icons.

Visit the DINT website.

We created a type combination of deliberately contrasting styles. This unique mix would be more memorable and represent a sense of diversity and various voices working together.
Icon set

“It was fantastic working with compoundEye. They took time to really understand our needs, even becoming part of our online community. Their ideas were, as always, creative and unique, and the finished website is stunning.”

— Davina Sirisena, Founder

“compoundEye made every experience so simple and straightforward. The website came out absolutely stunning — so much better than I could’ve ever imagined.”

— Margaux Woellner, Client